What is distilled water

What is distilled water? Many people may not know what distilled water is. In fact, water consists of at least 10 different types. You may hear filtered water, soft water, reverse osmosis, spring water etc. We will discuss the differences among them in my later posts.

So what is distilled water?

To answer this question, we should know how to make distilled water first. When water is boiled, the liquid water will change into a vapor stream. The vapor steam rises. When it is condensed, it will become liquid water again, which is called distilled water. All the contaminants such as chemicals, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, organics, radionuclide, particulates and inorganic are left in the boiler, not rising together with the vapor steam. This process separates these contaminants from water. Therefore, distilled water doesn’t contain other substances but only water molecules which comprise of hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The PH level of distilled water is 7, having no contaminants.

Distillation is a common phenomenon in nature. The water on Earth’s surface is heated by the sun, and then liquid water begins to vaporize into vapor. Vapor rises upwards, cools and forms cloud in the upper atmosphere. When the temperature drops, the vapor will convert to liquid water as the form of water droplets, falling as rain.

Artificial distilling process is based on the same principle. Many companies produce water distillers to make distilled water. It is easy to use a distiller to get pure water. Just fill the distiller with water, and then press the start button. About 4 hours later, you will get distilled water. Unlike spring water or other forms of water, distilled water tastes bland due to the removal of all minerals. It is not only for human consumption but also can be used at industries.

What is distilled water used for?

Distilled water can be used at industries where need high purity of water. The lead acid batteries in cars and trucks require distilled water to extend the batteries’ life span, because there are other ions in tap water which can reduce the batteries’ lifespan drastically, if you use tap water. Also minerals in the tap water are corrosive to engine components, making distilled water ideal for the automotive cooling system. It is also perfect for household aquariums because it doesn’t contain any chemicals. However, it is too pure and requires to be supplemented for fishing keeping. Distilled water is an essential component for cigar humidors because it is odorless. Also hard water may be not suitable for brewing beers and distilled water can be used to dilute the hard water, making hard water soft.

Can you drink distilled water?

Besides the industry usage, distilled water can be used for human consumption, especially in the areas where water is hard or polluted. The tap water cannot be drunk without boiling or water treatment. Can you drink distilled water? The answer is yes. However, distilled water is too pure and is not healthy for a long time use, because it is prone to absorb CO2 in the air and finally forms acid water. You may know drinking alkaline water is healthy. Therefore, you should store the distilled water properly, not exposing it to the air. And drinking distilled water once a week is helpful to clean up trash from the body.


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