How Can I get a Dialysis Technician Certification?

In many states in the US, a dialysis technician certification is required if you want to be a dialysis technician. Because this can ensure all dialysis technicians can abide by the same standard of patient safety and care. In the U.S., some organizations can offer the certification. They are the National Nephrology Certification Organization(NNCO) and the Nephrology Examiners Nursing and Technology (BONENT). Maybe similar organizations exist in other countries.

Each country may have its own standards. In America, In order to be tested for certification, first you generally need to possess a high school diploma at least, or the equivalent. Then at least currently 1 year of full-time working experience in dialysis patient care, or finish an accredited dialysis course successfully is required. If you don’t have a high school diploma, some employers may allow you to substitute 4 years of dialysis patient care experience at least for this diploma requirement.

Once you obtained the certification, your certification must be renewed every 4 years in most states. The main job of a dialysis technician is to operate a dialysis machine, which is also called dialyzer. For a kidney failure patient, this machine can help them remove excess fluids (like water) and other waste from the blood of the patient whose kidney cannot perform those functions well. Before, during or after the dialysis treatment, the dialysis technician has an obligation to both monitoring and recording the blood pressure, temperature before the treatment and the weight changes before, during or after the dialysis treatment. Except the patient’s condition, Dialysis technicians must ensure the dialyzer work correctly and keep specific and accurate records.

For kidney failure patients, they need to do dialysis treatment 3 times a week, 4 hours each time. In the 4-hour sessions of dialysis treatment, the dialysis technician must take good care of them, both physical and emotional care.

If you can obtain the certification, this will help you demonstrate the expertise and knowledge and help you find a good and secure job. And the dialysis technician salary is also very good. The future of this job is good. A lot people need dialysis because they are diagnosed with kidney disease even kidney failure every year. It’s a bad thing for the person who suffers from kidney failure. But the only thing we can do, as a dialysis technician, is to help them in the dialysis treatment. Dialysis demand is growing, because of aging population and bad diet habit. In a word, holding a dialysis technician certification can help you be rewarded of reputation and earn a good life.