Leadership Development

Youth Leadership Program
Youth Leadership Program Sessions Overview

The Leadership Tioga County Youth Leadership Program began in the fall of 2000. It aims to introduce students to community needs and resources, to help them develop leadership skills and to give them the opportunity to interact with one another and with community and business leaders throughout Tioga County. Each class consists of thirty (30) high school juniors selected from the three Public School Districts and one Private School in Tioga County: Northern Tioga School District, Southern Tioga School District, Wellsboro Area School District and New Covenant Academy. The Program runs for a nine-month duration, with one Session taking place per month.

Orientation & Team Building
During Orientation, youths are guided through team building and ropes course exercises at the Tioga County Department of Human Services (TCDHS) by trained employees. The purpose of these activities is to introduce participants to each other and the coordinators of the Youth Leadership Program. By the conclusion of Orientation, participants develop a sense of cohesiveness, along with new skills relating to teamwork, decision making and problem solving. Participants also receive an overview of the Leadership Tioga County Youth Leadership Program, which includes setting Program expectations.

Living in a Diverse Community
Living in a Diverse Community utilizes individual and group activities to help students heighten awareness of the diverse communities to which they belong, ranging from Tioga County, Pennsylvania to the entire United States. Participants also gain skills that are related to positive interaction between diverse groups. They learn to identify primary and secondary dimensions of diversity and to examine its impact on their lives. They are encouraged to clarify personal values related to diversity and to explore the diverse communities found in our county, state and country. The Session also includes discussions led by the coordinators and a panel presentation.

Understanding Business & Economics
The participants are introduced to the operations and environment of industry in Tioga County. This Session aims to provide an understanding and awareness of Tioga County’s economy, instill good work ethics and demonstrate ways in which to prepare for available career opportunities. The Plant Manager and his or her Team members explain the types of skills and characteristics they look for when hiring and discuss how leadership skills relate to their own jobs. A Panel Discussion with representatives from various companies around the county focuses on career paths and educational goals. The youth are exposed to a variety of employment opportunities in our county.

Healthy Communities
Healthy Communities provides students with information about the health and social services available in Tioga County. Various employees of the Tioga County Department of Human Services (TCDHS) and the Laurel Health System volunteer their time and expertise as presenters and tour guides. Participants are exposed to a variety of career opportunities and available services through a lecture, on-site visitation and interactive, small group activities.

Teens & the Law
As a method of learning about the different segments of the Criminal Justice System, students are given the opportunity to participate in a mock trial. The students step in and become defendants, witnesses, police officers, bailiffs, attorneys and jury members. Many guests, such as the President Judge, court personnel and local attorneys, assist with the operation of the mock trial. The participants also tour various courthouse offices and the Tioga County Prison.

Communication, Arts & Entertainment
Communication, Arts & Entertainment introduces the students to multiple forms of communication, appreciation of fine art, local entertainment and formal dining etiquette. The youth must attend a cultural or arts event occurring in Tioga County prior to the Session. The participants often choose to attend performances put on by neighboring schools or community theater, supporting their peers and acknowledging the talent of local performers. The students also have the opportunity to participate in a live radio show while the announcer explains the intricacies of hosting this type of broadcast. They discover the many cultural and civic events available in our county for them to enjoy, along with how to appreciate local art through the perspective of the Artist.

Local, State & Federal Government
To learn about government at all levels, students are required to attend one elected officials meeting prior to the Session. During the Session, the students have another opportunity to attend the Tioga County Commissioners monthly meeting. Our local, state and federal officials provide presentations to show the synergy between all levels of government. The Session aims to help the students develop an understanding of the difference between municipal, county, state and federal government issues, a comprehension of how local government is organized and a degree of knowledge about government sources of income and expenditures. Students receive tours of the County Row Offices at the Courthouse.

Quality of Life
Quality of Life is an important concept that involves listening with respect, prioritizing goals, understanding what is important in one’s life, appreciating our local natural beauty, becoming familiar with local conservation efforts and understanding one’s responsibility in maintaining the quality of life in Tioga County. The participants learn to resolve conflict and make decisions through Consensus Circles.

Graduation from the Leadership Tioga County Youth Leadership Program is achieved by attending all nine of the Sessions including Graduation and fully participating in the entire Program. The Graduation ceremony is planned and presented by the students. The participants are recognized and presented with a certificate of completion. All programs, speeches, and activities are determined by the class.

Youth Leadership Program Alumni


Youth Leadership '00
Class of 2000


Name High School
Julie Button Williamson High School
Aaron Butler Elkland High School
Eric Casbeer Williamson High School
Michael Chambers Cowanesque Valley HS
Theresa Coniglio Wellsboro High School
Eldon Cummings, Jr. Cowanesque Valley HS
Jill Davis Wellsboro High School
Kate Dettinger Cowanesque Valley HS
Amanda Doan Elkland High School
Valerie Drake Wellsboro High School
Carrie Draper Williamson High School
Michael Hanes Cowanesque Valley HS
Tara Hanley Elkland High School
Kira Hawk Wellsboro High School
Erin Henneman Wellsboro High School
Jill Hotter Williamson High School
Jehanna Howe Wellsboro High School
Koryn Johnston Wellsboro High School
Chris Kimble Williamson High School
Amanda Losinger Elkland High School
Amanda Mead Cowanesque Valley HS
Michael Moon Cowanesque Valley HS
Kelly Morgan Elkland High School
Lindsay Olmsted Wellsboro High School
Crystal Plumley Wellsboro High School
Amanda Price Wellsboro High School
Josh Rachiele Wellsboro High School
Sara Rouse Cowanesque Valley HS
Lauren West Wellsboro High School
Kacy Zuchowski Wellsboro High School
Youth Leadership '01
Class of 2001


Name High School
Troy Baker Williamson High School
Angela Conrad Elkland High School
Robert Cunningham Cowanesque Valley HS
Krista Deats Williamson High School
Mary Janae Deats Wellsboro High School
Meghan Deming Wellsboro High School
Amy Evans Mansfield High School
Jennifer Fisher Wellsboro High School
Heidi Foulkrod Liberty High School
Nichole Hall North Penn High School
Christina Hughes Mansfield High School
William Jacobson Cowanesque Valley HS
Craig Johnson Elkland High School
Kristen Landry Elkland High School
Stephanie Ley Wellsboro High School
Adrian Lovenduski Mansfield High School
Elizabeth Nance Mansfield High School
Joel Ostrom Liberty High School
Skylar Pais Liberty High School
Amanda Perry Cowanesque Valley HS
Joshua Romaneo Cowanesque Valley HS
Nathan Sayre Wellsboro High School
James Serfass Wellsboro High School
Maren Smithgall Wellsboro High School
Elizabeth Townsend Wellsboro High School
Carrie Warso Williamson High School
William Watkins Wellsboro High School
Jason Weaver North Penn High School
Kristina Whipple Mansfield High School
Teri Zuchowski Wellsboro High School
Youth Leadership '02
Class of 2002


Name High School
Joshua Allen Elkland High School
Stephen Banik Wellsboro High School
Shannon Bathrick Wellsboro High School
Michael Bilder Wellsboro High School
Desneige Bourret Mansfield High School
Sarah Butler Elkland High School
Patrick Chambers Cowanesque Valley HS
Danielle Cole Wellsboro High School
Emily Colegrove Mansfield High School
Emily D’Ulisse Wellsboro High School
Rachel English Williamson High School
Katherine Foor Cowanesque Valley HS
Jon Ginn Wellsboro High School
Erin Grady Wellsboro High School
Andrea Haynie Liberty High School
Jason Hemling North Penn High School
Allen Heyler Cowanesque Valley HS
Morgan Janeski Wellsboro High School
Ira Nienhueser III Liberty High School
Robin Oxley Elkland High School
James Powell Wellsboro High School
Victoria Preston Williamson High School
Angela Roan Liberty High School
Amanda Shedd Mansfield High School
Lindsey Slater North Penn High School
Nicole Smith Williamson High School
James Tomb Cowanesque Valley HS
Angel Walker Mansfield High School
Susan Wickman North Penn High School
Adrienne Wong Wellsboro High School
Youth Leadership '03
Class of 2003


Name High School
Stacy Barnes Mansfield High School
Leisl Bauman Wellsboro High School
Kyle Bramm Mansfield High School
Daniel Dalton Wellsboro High School
Kay Dorrance Elkland High School
Ashley Dowling Wellsboro High School
Nicole Freeman Mansfield High School
Leah Greenfield Wellsboro High School
Laura Henderson Wellsboro High School
Timothy Heyler Liberty High School
Ethan Hornsby Cowanesque Valley HS
Lyndie Hughes Elkland High School
Preston Jaquish Mansfield High School
Kirby Jones Mansfield High School
Emily Kohut Elkland High School
Tyler Lisowski North Penn High School
Laura Maynard Wellsboro High School
Kirstie McKeever North Penn High School
Katie Mead Cowanesque Valley HS
Lori Mitstifer Liberty High School
Daniel Moon Cowanesque Valley HS
Kylie Morse Wellsboro High School
Renée Norman Liberty High School
Jeremy Romaneo Cowanesque Valley HS
Joshua Sticklin Wellsboro High School
Whitney Taylor Wellsboro High School
Lauren Taylor Williamson High School
Lauren Vogler Wellsboro High School
Courtney Walushka Williamson High School
Isaac Weaver Williamson High School
Youth Leadership '04
Class of 2004


Name High School
Tyler Ackley Cowanesque Valley HS
Amanda Banik Wellsboro High School
Michelle Bradford Elkland High School
Erisa Bryant Wellsboro High School
Owen Crumb Wellsboro High School
Sarah Dalton Wellsboro High School
Rebecca Foster Cowanesque Valley HS
Morgan Grala Mansfield High School
Matthew Heitzenrater Elkland High School
Alesia Hagar Mansfield High School
Benjamin Heyler Cowanesque Valley HS
Tami Heyler Liberty High School
Meghan Heck North Penn High School
Jaryn Horner Liberty High School
Kaylah Howe Mansfield High School
Kylee Jacobson Cowanesque Valley HS
Kaitlynn Johnson Elkland High School
Jessica Kreger North Penn HS
Samantha Locey Elkland High School
Travis Marzo Wellsboro High School
John Murdock Cowanesque Valley HS
Tasha Oldham Wellsboro High School
Laura Reindl Wellsboro High School
Michael Reindl Wellsboro High School
Marla Rice Wellsboro High School
Sarah Sherman Mansfield High School
Alicia Smith Wellsboro High School
Dusty Tripp Liberty High School
Kelly Wood Williamson High School
Youth Leadership '05
Class of 2005


Name High School
Chris C. Barber Williamson High School
Jessica L. Bower Wellsboro High School
Hannah L. Butcher Wellsboro High School
Jodi M. Cleveland Wellsboro High School
Mylena K.Drake Cowanesque Valley High School
Chelsea E. Eggleston Mansfield High School
Justin J. Ellingham Liberty High School
Arika C. Graham Liberty High School
Larrissa R. Gunn Cowanesque Valley High School
Alexis K. Hackett Elkland High School
Erin R. Hackett Elkland High School
Shannon D. Hall North Penn High School
Nathan R. Heinzelman Williamson High School
Bethany G. Johnson Liberty High School
Erin R. Kriner Liberty High School
Julianne K. Kriner Williamson High School
Kellie J. Lampman Cowanesque Valley High School
Amy T. Miller Mansfield High School
Jena M. Miller Wellsboro High School
Mallory C. Mosher Wellsboro High School
Ryan D. Mosher Wellsboro High School
Michelle R. Ogden Liberty High School
Emily C. Osgood Wellsboro High School
Deepa Ramasamy Mansfield High School
Felicia Tan Mansfield High School
Kayla M. Wanat North Penn High School
Amiee C. Wood Elkland High School
Megan L. Zuchowski Wellsboro High School
Youth Leadership '06
Class of 2006


Name High School
Zachary L. Adams Wellsboro High School
Amber R. Borden Wellsboro High School
Lauren I. Brooks North Penn High School
Sarah E. Carlson North Penn High School
Erin E. Case Mansfield High School
Balinda J. Edmond Wellsboro High School
Kerri M. Evans Mansfield High School
Danielle M. Fulmer Cowanesque Valley High School
William J. Fye Williamson High School
Kayla J. Heck Elkland High School
Levi K. Hewitt Wellsboro High School
Kyle W. Johnson Elkland High School
Zara B. Johnson North Penn High School
Zachary D. Kreger Liberty High School
Sarah L. Krick Wellsboro High School
Angaleen L. McCullen Cowanesque Valley High School
Elijah J. Morgan Mansfield High School
Megan M. Persing Williamson High School
Carissa E. Powell Wellsboro High School
Sydney M. Prough Wellsboro High School
Trisha J. Rumsey Wellsboro High School
Sarah M. Satterlee Cowanesque Valley High School
Jamie J. Wales Williamson High School
Eric B. Whitehead Elkland High School
Krystal A. Williams North Penn High School
Kayla M. Yoder Liberty High School
Danielle K. Young Wellsboro High School

|Youth Leadership '08
Class of 2008

Name High School
Micah W. Benson Cowanesque Valley High School
Erik T. Bolt Mansfield High School
Graci B. Bronson Wellsboro High School
Katelin J. Broughton Mansfield High School
Blake H. Chamberlain Wellsboro High School
Sarah J. Cook Elkland High School
Lindsey M. Copp Wellsboro High School
Anita C. Cummings Mansfield High School
Jaymes K. Davis Cowanesque Valley High School
Matt K. Doyle North Penn High School
Jared R. DeBlois Wellsboro High School
Kaela R. Guthrie Mansfield High School
Stephanie A. Herron Elkland High School
Caleb W. Krick Wellsboro High School
Kelly L. Leisure Williamson High School
Julie M. Martin Liberty High School
Julie A. Martinez Wellsboro High School
Keaghlan A. McNaughton Williamson High School
Alaina P. McNeal North Penn High School
K. Kelsey Morgan Mansfield High School
Courtney M. Polonia Wellsboro High School
Dinesh Ramasamy Mansfield High School
Aric T. Root Wellsboro High School
Brayden L. Sickler Cowanesque Valley High School
Serena A. Starks Mansfield High School
Kimberly E. Tombs Cowanesque Valley High School
Layci J. Watts Williamson High School

YLP 2010
Class of 2010

Name High School
Cortney N. Allen Mansfield High School
Heather A. Allen Mansfield High School
Skylar M. Andrews Wellsboro High School
Baylee J. Bletz Wellsboro High School
Alexa K. Buckheit Mansfield High School
Leanne T. Carson Wellsboro High School
Jade C. Christman Wellsboro High School
Jake S. Clemens Wellsboro High School
Tanner K. Cline Cowanesque Valley High School
Racheal E. Cole Cowanesque Valley High School
Marika D. J. Gordon Williamson High School
Elizabeth R, Hager New Covenant Academy
Austin C. Halderman Mansfield High School
Ashley J. Hanes Elkland High School
Mercy T. Kershner New Covenant Academy
Kierra A. LaForge Wellsboro High School
Max Lee New Covenant Academy
Richard C. Lee Cowanesque Valley High School
James S. Mapstone Cowanesque Valley High School
Tyler S. McClure North Penn High School
Heather L. Nagy Wellsboro High School
Brittany A. Nudd Cowanesque Valley High School
Kimberly R. Priset Wellsboro High School
Kylie R. Sickler Cowanesque Valley High School
Hannah D. Smith Wellsboro High School
Brooke A. Snyder Wellsboro High School
Cory J. Snyder North Penn High School
Carrie N. Tubbs Elkland High School
Benjamin T. VanLoon New Covenant Academy
Sara J. Williams New Covenant Academy

Class of 2012

Name High School
Kimberly R. Acron Wellsboro High School
Rachael E. Bailey Williamson High School
Mikaileigh S. Baker Mansfield High School
Katherine N. Bolt Williamson High School
Tayler K. B-Geiser Mansfield High School
Rebecca K. Chambers Wellsboro High School
Nicholas E. Doan Williamson High School
Lorynn E. Dowling Wellsboro High School
Brooke K. Greenwalt Williamson High School
Jess D. Gregory Liberty High School
Lakin M. Harris Cyber School
Linda M. Hawn Mansfield High School
Jessika R. Hurler Cowanesque Valley High School
Christina J. Jones New Covenant Academy
Daniel T. Llewellyn New Covenant Academy
Mackenzie L. Marple Wellsboro High School
Desiree S. McGovern Liberty High School
Alexis N. McNeal North Penn High School
Kilmer V Merritt-Gawe Williamson High School
Trisha N. Morton Wellsboro High School
Samantha L. Outman Cowanesque Valley High School
Elizabeth M. Pfisterer Wellsboro High School
Randi N. Porter Williamson High School
Wade C. Putman Cowanesque Valley High School
Samuel A. Rotella Mansfield High School
Leah N. Sell Wellsboro High School
Benjamin D. Shaw Wellsboro High School
Konnor M. Spencer Wellsboro High School
Thomas A. Straniere Wellsboro High School
Taylor L. Tims Williamson High School
Kaylene C. Werner Cowanesque Valley High School
Ashley L. Wheeler Wellsboro High School
 YLP 2007
Class of 2007


Name High School
Patrick W. Albor North Penn High School
Summer M. Atkinson Williamson High School
Dakkari J. Ayers Mansfield High School
Houston B. Baker Cowanesque Valley High School
Cassandra M. Banik Wellsboro High School
Katie L. Bastian Mansfield High School
Nicholas C. Bowne North Penn High School
Sarah A. Bull Wellsboro High School
Joshua T. Butler Elkland High School
Vanessa M. Cornell Wellsboro High School
Yvonne L. DeBlois Wellsboro High School
Travis R. Hagar Mansfield High School
Janna S. Heyler Cowanesque Valley High School
Cady M. Jaquish Mansfield High School
Kirstie M. Keill Cowanesque Valley High School
Jannelle M. Knaus Wellsboro High School
Brian J. Koellner Elkland High School
Corvin K. Oberholtzer Wellsboro High School
Rebecca A. Ostrom Liberty High School
Jessica S.
Wellsboro High School
Katelin Peropat Wellsboro High School
Katelin C. Russell Elkland High School
Nicole L. Sargent Mansfield High School
Tiffany L. Schmidt Cowanesque Valley High School
Megan M. Slater North Penn High School
Levi S. Turner Elkland High School
Kathryn L. Updyke Williamson High School
Cynthia M. Wilbur Williamson High School
Erica L. Wilson Mansfield High School
Lacy M. Young Wellsboro High School

Class of 2009

Name High School
Samantha M. Bradley Wellsboro High School
Hannah J. Candelario New Covenant Academy
Sheena L. Christman Wellsboro High School
Sarah L. Colegrove New Covenant Academy
Elizabeth A. Compton Wellsboro High School
Patrick M. Cummings Mansfield High School
John T. Davis Liberty High School
Claudia J. Erway North Penn High School
Andrea L. Fulmer Cowanesque Valley High School
Mariana L. Grala Mansfield High School
Janina B. Griffis Mansfield High School
Samantha D. Grinnell Wellsboro High School
Chris S. Heitzenrater Elkland High School
Jessi C. Hider Wellsboro High School
David L. Higham Mansfield High School
Katie L. Hunter Wellsboro High School
Allysa L. Kent Williamson High School
Miranda L. Kline North Penn High School
Evangeline S. Krajewski Liberty High School
Nathan J. MacAvoy Liberty High School
Cheri L. Ostrom Liberty High School
Casey L. Patrick Wellsboro High School
Ashley Y. Russell North Penn High School
Karli N. Spencer Wellsboro High School
Amanda L. Tanner Williamson High School
Dylan T. Tevlin Wellsboro High School
Steven M. Tews Wellsboro High School
Miranda L. Wattles Cowanesque Valley High School
Sophie A. Weaver WellsboroHigh School
Sarah J. Whiting New Covenant Academy

YLP 2011

Class of 2011

Name High School
Jacob R. Allen New Covenant Academy
Tiffany M. Barnes Wellsboro High School
Ryan A. Belz Williamson High School
Felicia J. Bolt Mansfield High School
Brandy L. Brockway Elkland High School
Seth J. Brown Cowanesque Valley High School
Marissa L. Cornell Wellsboro High School
Carolyn R. Dewitt North Penn High School
Tarah W. Doty Wellsboro High School
Judith E. Evans Wellsboro High School
Christine M. Hamblin Wellsboro High School
Brian J. Heyd Liberty High School
Carley G. Murdock Cowanesque Valley High School
Victoria C. Nance Mansfield High School
Stephanie R. Painter Cowanesque Valley High School
Kortney J. Powlison Mansfield High School
Michael L. Reid Mansfield High School
Tyler A. Road Liberty High School
Ryan J. Shelmire New Covenant Academy
Amelia Sherwood Wellsboro High School
Devyn J. Smith Elkland High School
Sonya M. Solomon Cowanesque Valley High School
Daniel R. Streeter Cowanesque Valley High School
Marissa K. Tice Mansfield High School
Melissa E. Vollman Liberty High School
Aaron V. Wilson Wellsboro High School
Cory M. Wilson Cowanesque Valley High School
Erika L. wilson Wellsboro High School

Class of 2013

Name High School
Debra Bieser Cowanesque Valley High School
Danielle Bolt Williamson High School
Ian Carleton Williamson High School
Morgan Clemens Wellsboro High School
Anna Copp Williamson High School
Kayla Crain Williamson High School
Crystal Deitrick Liberty High School
Kurtis Eby New Covenant Academy
Ryan Freeman Wesley Academy
Bethany Gile Homeschooled
Kelsey Harer Liberty High School
Kayla Harris New Covenant Academy
Barbara Hostetler Liberty High School
Ashley Hunter North Penn High School
Aiyana Kathcart Wellsboro High School
Dillan King Wellsboro High School
Alex Kurtz Wellsboro High School
Makayla Mosher Williamson High School
Jenny Moyer Mansfield High School
Hayley Painter Cowanesque Valley High School
Kasey Powlison Mansfield High School
Gabriella Regalbuto Williamson High School
Allison Rudy Wellsboro High School
Courtney Schauer Cowanesque Valley High School
Autumn Scolari New Covenant Academy
Maggie Smith Wellsboro High School
Kathleen Straniere Wellsboro High School
Mark Warner Wellsboro High School
Julia Waters Wellsboro High School
Justin Whelchel Williamson High School