Mansfield University


Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Mansfield University is small – and big. Mansfield combines the best qualities of a small liberal arts college with the resources of a comprehensive university. With 3,390 students and 180 professors, Mansfield is one of the smallest state-owned universities in Pennsylvania. It offers all of what’s usually found at much larger universities: an impressive faculty of teacher-scholars, a wide range of courses and majors, career focused experiences, high tech equipment, and the latest facilities. As a Mansfield student, you’ll have virtually unlimited access to everyone and everything that’s here.

Mansfield offers outstanding academic programs in biology, chemistry, communication, education, the health sciences, music, physics, psychology, and other fields. Explore any of these subjects in small classes: most classes are 35 or fewer.

When you look at Mansfield University’s programs, we hope you’ll conclude that Mansfield is big enough to offer programs spanning a broad range and small enough to encourage you to take off in your own direction.