Leadership Tioga County

Leadership Tioga CountyTCDC is the sponsoring organization for Leadership Tioga County. The purpose ofLeadership Tioga County is to recruit, train, encourage and develop caring individuals to participate in community leadership activities and responsibilities throughout Tioga County. It provides a nine month program which is intended to help those persons take a leadership role in the community. The goal of the Youth Leadership Program is to acquaint students with the community and other resources, encouraging their interest and participation as they develop leadership skills and have the opportunity to interact with one another and community leaders in Tioga County. The Community Leadership Program provides leadership training to adults throughout Tioga County. In addition, other leadership programs (such as short courses, workshops, and seminars) will be continually developed and provided to youth and adults.

Leadership Tioga County is open to the public and anyone with an interest in its development or wanting to participate is asked to please contact the Tioga County Development Corporation.

Click on the links below for more specific information about the following Leadership Tioga County programs:
Community Leadership Program
Youth Leadership Program
Individual Development Program