Tioga County Government

Tioga County is one (1) of the sixty-seven (67) counties which make up the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Tioga County, a 6th Class County with population of 41,126, was created on March 26, 1804, from a part of Lycoming County and named for the Tioga River. Tioga is derived from an Indian word meaning “the forks of the stream.” Wellsboro, the County Seat, was laid out in 1806 and incorporated as a borough on March 6, 1830. It was named for Mary Wells of the Wells Family, a prominent local family.

Tioga County Government is operated through a Board of Commissioners comprised of three (3) Commissioners elected by the public every four (4) years. Present Commissioners are Erick J. Coolidge (Chair), Mark Hamilton and Roger Bunn. A Chief Clerk is appointed by the Commissioners to administer the daily operations of the County. Derek Williams is our County Clerk. Tioga County Judge is Robert Dalton. The County Planner is Jim Weaver. The County has a total Operating Budget of over $16 Million and employs approximately 300 persons. The Courthouse and County Annex is located at 118 Main Street.

Tioga County contains thirty-nine (39) political subdivisions . . . ten (10) Boroughs and twenty-nine (29) Townships. Each is an independent political subdivision, whose Ordinances (Laws) supersede the County’s.

Boroughs in Pennsylvania operate under a strong council/weak mayor system of government. The Borough Council, comprised of six (6) or seven (7) council persons, is the chief operating entity of the borough. Each Council reorganizes every two (2) years and elects a President and Vice-President. The Secretary-Treasurer is often an appointed employee of the Borough and performs most of the daily operations. Some of the larger boroughs have a Borough Manager. The Mayor serves as the Chief Elected Official, but can only vote to break a tie vote by the Borough Council. The Mayor serves as the Borough’s Official Officer for many public functions. Although the Mayor is in charge of the Police Department and the Budget, many decisions related to the department are controlled by the Borough Council. Boroughs have taxing powers in which to operate.

Townships in Tioga County are comprised of three (3) Township Supervisors, who are elected to a six (6) year term. The Township Secretary is appointed by the Supervisors. A Road Master is also appointed by the Supervisors. Townships have taxing powers in which to operate.

Tioga County has three (3) Public School Districts . . . Northern Tioga School District, Southern Tioga School District and Wellsboro Area School District which are also political subdivisions of the Commonwealth. There are 501 School Districts in Pennsylvania. School Districts operate independent of the County and the Boroughs and Townships and have complete taxing authority.

The Tioga County courthouse has a new website: www.tiogacountypa.us