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Community Leadership Program Sessions Overview

The Leadership Tioga County Community Leadership Program began in the fall of 2002. The Program aims to supply Tioga County with a core group of positive, productive and contributing individuals. The participants selected are employees from various businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout Tioga County. The Community Leadership Program strives to train our adult population to take on new leadership responsibilities, giving them the tools and motivation to fill voids and relieve those ready to step aside in our County, municipality, civic and school organizations. These co

CLP Schedule 2015 – 2016


Community Leadership Program Alumni

Class of 2003 

Name Organization
Cheryl Bonham Northern Tioga School District
Clara Carl NorthCentral AHEC
Tammy Frank Tioga Container Company, Inc.
Cindy Frost Laurel Health System
Gale Hall PPL Gas Utilities
Brett Kennedy Citizens & Northern Bank
Corinne Kepp Laurel Health System
Patricia Malletz Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council of Chemung County
Velma McHenry Harbor Counseling
Veronica Mead Northern Tioga School District
K. Irene Morgan Partners In Progress
Brian Nowak Ward Manufacturing, Inc.
Anne Paniccia Tioga County Partnership for Community Health
Susan Pierce First Heritage Federal Credit Union
Ted Russell Intelligent Direct
Linda Stager Tioga County Human Services Agency
Susan Sticklin Laurel Health System
Community Leadership Alumni '04
Class of 2004 

Name Organization
Jason Bittle Laurel Health System/Community Support Services
Steven Brewster Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative
Keith Cavanaugh Citizens & Northern Bank
Todd Cleveland Patterson’s Home Center Company
Kristy Dooley-Reinheimer AmeriCorps*VISTA
Deanna Fish-Layton Tioga County Department of Human Services
George Greeley Citizens & Northern Bank
Nora Gridley Laurel Health System/The Laurels
Chris McGann Tioga Publishing Company
Rita Olson Ward Manufacturing, Inc.
Kathy Peoples Ward Manufacturing, Inc.
Community Leadership Alumni '05
Class of 2005 

Name Organization
James D. Baker Jr. Larson Design Group
Michelle A. Bowers Laurel Health System
Alison Broughton Citizens & Northern Bank
John R. Burrell ACP Manufacturing, Inc
Thomas J. D’Angelo Citizens & Northern Bank
Craig L. Evans Laurel Health System
Jeffrey A. Kriner Woodhouse Post & Beam Homes
Linda Losinger ACP Manufacturing, Inc
Theresa M. Mattison Ward Manufacturing, Inc.
Alan J. Quimby PenTeleData
Paula M. Reese Green Home
Ashley Wagner Partners In Progress
Community Leadership Alumni '06
Class of 2006 

Name Organization
John Abel Partners In Progress
Tracy Brueilly Keystone North, Inc.
Sandra J. Button Laurel Health System; Bradford-Tioga Head Start
Gwen DeYoung Mental Health Associates
Kristen Haase County of Tioga
Marsha B. Jones First Citizens National Bank
Julie M. Lawson Tioga County Partnership for Community Health
Marlene C. Parsell Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital
Richard A. Pino II First Citizens National Bank
Robert Ritter ACP Manufacturing LLP
Lori Wojnarek Tri-County Rural Electric Company
Rennie Woodhouse Ward Manufacturing, Inc.
Community Leadership Alumni '07
Class of 2007 

Name Organization
Mary Aumcik Laurel Health System
Greg Cummings Larson Design Group
Stacy R. Dreibelbis Citizens & Northern Bank
Marlene Doan Northcentral PA AHEC
Joyce Fleming Laurel Health System
Michael Goodreau Citizens & Northern Bank
Chris Hurler K&W Medical Specialties
Mark P. Janelli HN Automotive, Inc
Shari Johnson First Citizens National Bank
Chip Krusen ACP Manufacturing, Inc
Annie Ostrom Ward Manufacturing, Inc.
Leslie Shelhamer Mansfield University
Adrienne Snyder Citizens & Northern Bank
Alexis Y. Taft Owlett & Lewis, P.C.
Beth Weiskopff First Citizens National Bank

CLP 09
Class of 2009

Name Organization
Lisa Banik First Citizens National Bank
Cody Bowen Citizens & Northern Bank
SueAnne Carson Tioga County Human Services
Mary Beth Kollar Mansfield University
Katie Metarko Citizens & Northern Bank
Jane Palmer Tioga County Human Services
Nicole Smith Partners In Progress
Dennis Snell HMAC LLC (Lawrenceville)
Nancy Stamilio First Citizens National Bank
Wedny Swingle Bradford-Tioga Head Start
Deb Wivell The Laurels
Michelle Zelinski Ward Manufacturing, LLC
Alan Zellner Mansfield University

Class of 2011

Name Organization
Melissa Belz ParenteBeard LLC
Rebecca Charles Northcentral AHEC
Tammy Cleveland Army Corps of Engineers
Peggy Cressman HMAC LLC (Wellsboro)
Robin Flynn Laurel Health System
Tracy Fousnought Laurel Health System
Herb Frank Mansfield University
Brett Huzey HMAC LLC (Lawrenceville)
Kathleen Mays Citizens and Northern Bank
Alexander Miller Mansfield University
William Post First Citizens National Bank
 CLP Alumnia 08
Class of 2008 

Name Organization
Deb Adkins Tioga County Partnership for Community Health
Tiny Finch Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital
Russell Gile HMAC USA, LLC (Wellsboro)
Lori Hamblin First Citizens National Bank
Joey Heckler Northwest Savings Bank
Kelly Irwin Partners In Progress
Amy Letts Mansfield University
Phyllis Marriner Bradford-Tioga Head Start
Michelle Moffett Ward Manufacturing, LLC
Lori Ranck Mansfield University
Brian J. Tevlin Citizens & Northern Bank
Stephen Weir Vulcraft of New York
Melissa A. Wise First Citizens National Bank

Class of 2010

Name Organization
Amanda Blumling First Citizens National Bank
Jenny Bowen Concern
Chrissi Copp Citizens & Northern Bank
Lori Deitrick Laurel Health System, CSS
Edgard Domenech Mansfield University
Tracey Dukert Mansfield University
Andrew Harding Larson Design Group
Mike Jerzak Partners In Progress
Natalie Kennedy The Wellsboro Gazette
Robert Maidl Laurel Health System; SSMH
Shelley McKelvey Laurel Health System; SSMH
Kim Sexauer Bradford-Tioga Head Start
Wendy Smith Citizens & Northern Bank