Our Marketing Strategy

Numerous products and services are provided by our industries and businesses throughout Tioga County yet our residents are not aware of what is made in Tioga County. Therefore, they are not aware of what they can buy to help our businesses and industries. The Tioga County Development Corporation proposes to develop a local Marketing Campaign . . .
Buy Tioga County . . . to create an awareness of buying Tioga County products. An individual's purchasing power combined with a total county population can impact on our local businesses. The general knowledge of what products and services are available in Tioga County is minimal. During previous times, plant tours were common throughout the County and residents knew what was made in Tioga County. Through a Buy Tioga County Marketing Campaign, we can raise the awareness of our 41,373 residents to use their purchasing power and keep their dollars in our County. Every trip to the Mall or every Internet or Catalog purchase of products negatively affects our economy. Checking locally for a product before ordering it will keep dollars in our County rolling over several times.  When local products are purchased, this impacts positively on our local manufacturers and businesses. Many of our manufacturers also produce products under different labels.

The purchase of local products certainly contributes to our economy directly, but also strengthens the market share of our companies in their respective industry. Further, purchasing Tioga County products and services impacts positively on the Pennsylvania and United States economies. To
Buy Tioga County is to buy Pennsylvania Made and Made in the USA.

Tioga County has a major agricultural economic base. Agricultural products produced include: milk, beef, soybeans, grains and hay, pork, lamb, maple syrup, honey and lumber. A Buy Tioga County Marketing Campaign will certainly include these products and the need to purchase them. One prime example is the sale of soft drinks through machines in our public school instead of milk. Not only is milk better for our youth nutritionally, it is a local dairy product produced in our County, truly a “win-win” situation. One of our three public school districts, the Northern Tioga School District, has installed milk machines in their schools and it is operated by the special needs students. The students service and maintain the machines learning responsibility and business management skills.

To best describe this Project consider the following examples:

OSRAM Sylvania

Located in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania OSRAM Sylvania manufactures incandescent light bulbs (glass envelopes) employing nearly 200 Employees. Our residents should make a concerted effort to purchase Sylvania light bulbs from stores in Tioga County. Residents should request local stores not carrying Sylvania light bulbs be aware that they are made in Tioga County and should carry Sylvania products to support and help their neighbors and customers. Sylvania employees own homes, have mortgages and automobile loans, purchase food and clothing, support other businesses through their purchases and contribute to various community based organizations and projects. The dollar goes full circle over and over in Tioga County beginning simply by purchasing a Tioga County made product or service.

 Hitachi Metals Automotive Components, USA, LLC (HMAC)

Hitachi Metals Automotive Components USA, LLC (HMAC) manufactures critical steering components for several models of automobile including Subaru, Nissan and Ford. By purchasing a Subaru from the local Subaru dealer in Tioga County, one's purchasing power expands to the product, the sales provider and local service throughout the life of the vehicle.

The Tioga County Development Corporation has developed a local Marketing Campaign . . . Buy Tioga County. . . to create an awareness of buying Tioga County products. An Advertising & Marketing Strategy was developed through the assistance of our Marketing Consultant.

The Buy Tioga County Marketing Campaign incorporates the services of our local media including:

Tioga Publishing Corporation

Produces the Wellsboro Gazette, Mansfield Gazette and the Westfield Free Press-Courier weekly newspapers providing: Feature Articles, Editorials and Advertising Services.

The Pennsylvania Reader/Tyoga Writing & Design

Produces a local newspaper containing articles of historical and natural interest and published in Tioga County

Blue Ridge Communications

Network & Cable Television Company serving much of Tioga County providing Public Service Announcements on Channel 13, Mansfield University Channel 20 and the Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce Channel 55. Blue Ridge also works with PCN (Pennsylvania Cable Network) offering filming of local industries and airing statewide.

Target Select

Pennsylvania based Cable Advertising Agency involved with Blue Ridge Communications.

Local Radio Stations

Coverage of Public Service Announcements (PSA) will reach all residents through our area radio stations.

Components of the Advertising & Marketing Strategy may include:

  • Development of a Buy Tioga County Theme and Logo in order to create a Public Awareness of Tioga County Products and Services
  • Development of a Direct Link on the Tioga County Development Corporation Homepage for Buy Tioga County. Businesses will be listed with their products and have a direct link to our home page to allow our residents to connect to the companies' home pages.
  • Survey Industries and businesses as to the products and services they offer which can be purchased locally or through name recognition of their products.
  • Promote their products and services through several public awareness instruments and networks:
    • Print Media Articles
    • Advetisements in conjunction with businesses
    • Development of a Buy Tioga County brochure
    • Development of a Buy Tioga County placemat
    • Participating business Advertisements, for distribution throughoput Tioga County
    • Develop window stickers for placement in participating businesses
    • Public Service Announcements (newspaper, radio, public television)
    • Develop and print Feature Articles on businesses
    • Buy Tioga County on the TCDC homepage
    • Implement a Buy Tioga County Speakers Bureau Network to conduct presentations throughout Tioga County.

We want every Tioga County resident to be aware of products and services produced in Tioga County and the purchasing impact we have on our economy every time we
Buy Tioga County.


Funding for Buy Tioga County is made possible through Senator Joseph E. Scarnati, III and a Community Revitalization Program Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development