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                                                                                      2008 Buy Fresh Buy Local Food Guide

Have you heard about Buy Tioga County? The 42,000 consumers in Tioga County have the power to make a direct impact on our local economy while supporting your friends, neighbors and family members. Dollars spent on items made and/or sold in Tioga County will stay in Tioga County. The money you spend here will be used here for wages, groceries, car payments, mortgages, etc. When you choose to shop locally, you choose to keep your money in Tioga County and support Tioga County residents. You demonstrate your appreciation for the hard work which goes into producing and providing a good product. You help boost sales and pay employee wages. You make a direct impact. We see it as a win-win situation. You receive a quality product or service, local businesses and organizations experience continued success and the overall economy of Tioga County is boosted in the process.

The Tioga County Development Corporation wants every Tioga County resident to become aware of the products and services produced in Tioga County and the purchasing impact we have on our economy every time we Buy Tioga County. We are showcasing all of the excellent products, services, manufacturers and sellers found in Tioga County. Watch for Buy Tioga County articles and advertisements. Look for the Buy Tioga County logo in stores and on products. Browse this website for much more information about Buy Tioga County and all of the participating businesses and organizations. Encourage your friends to make informed purchasing decisions and always remember to Buy Tioga County!

Funding for Buy Tioga County is made possible through Senator Joseph E. Scarnati, III and a Community Revitalization Program Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development