Tioga County, conveniently located within a day’s trip from nearly 80% of the US Population, is poised for growth and development and the Tioga County Development Corporation (TCDC) is ready to meet your economic needs. We are at the epicenter of the Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Industry and home to the largest single owned Wind Farm in Pennsylvania! Natural Resources have always been our economic engines from coal and lumber to natural gas and wind energy. TCDC offers several services including finance packages, workforce development, leadership development, tax abatements and strong partnerships with local, regional, state and federal agencies. The future I-99 Corridor, currently US Route 15, runs through the county from north to south, providing direct access to I-80 and I-86. Tioga County is also connected from the East Coast to the West Coast along scenic US Route 6. Tioga County’s convenient truck-to-rail system and our corporate jet-serviceable Wellsboro Johnston Airport completes the transportation package. Tioga County offers  a comprehensive health care system and quality education services. It is home to Mansfield University and the North Campus of the Pennsylvania College of Technology. Tioga County is also the home of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, possessing a pristine natural beauty complete with countless outdoor activities including several recreational and flood controlled lakes…the best of both worlds, all right here in Tioga Countya place to call home.

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